McG Was born Joseph McGinty Nichol in Kalamazoo Michigan to a Father, Grandfather and Uncle all named Joe. This was an unworkable situation for his mother so she started calling him McGinty which was quickly shortened to McG. The name stuck. It’s not a Hollywood monosyllabic moniker; it’s a Michigan thing.


McG’s films 3days to Kill, This Means War, Terminator Salvation, We Are Marshall, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle, & Charlie’s Angels Have grossed over a billion dollars world wide. McG’s TV show’s Shadow Hunters, The Mysteries of Laura, The O.C, Pussy Cat Dolls, Super Natural, Chuck, Nikita & Aim High span over 500 episodes and are syndicated Globally.


McG has directed television commercials for brands like Pepsi, Visa and Gap. And music videos for artist like Sublime, Sugar Ray & Smash Mouth.


Inspired by the newly burgeoning Orange County Music scene where McG spent his teen years he began his career as a songwriter and record producer with the band Sugar Ray. He has been awarded Gold & Platinum Records for his work with Sugar Ray & The O.C. sound tracks.


Currently McG is in postproduction on his new film “The Babysitter” starring Bella Thone. His latest TV series “Lethal Weapon” will air on Fox this Fall.